Love and Granddarlings

I currently have two beautiful boy granddarlings and they have been a joy to Darling husband and me since the moment we knew about them.  We have known for awhile that our next daughter was pregnant but she asked us to wait to tell everyone.  Now the word is out and we are, after a space of almost seven years, in the mode of being able to publicly discuss our giddy excitement.


With that excitement comes apprehension, as well.  Medically, we have just enough knowledge to be dangerous.   We know that things don’t always go right; genetics and Chromosomes can misalign.  And the world does not seem so safe anymore.  But, we move ahead in faith that this baby will be perfectly healthy and is already blessed with a loving family and friends who will all participate in the journey of her or his life.  


Over the weekend, a wedding I have been working on took place in a beautiful outdoor setting.  This couple has two young daughters and at the end of their own vows and exchange of rings, they made vows to these precious little girls;  promising to love and support them, provide a happy home for them and to listen to them.  They sealed these promises with rings and my heart just melted as the groom knelt to put the ring on his tiny girl’s hand.  The other thing I loved about this wedding was the way the mothers of this couple did everything they could to make sure that this wedding would be beautiful and memorable.  The love was so apparent in the planning and in the details.  


Our Sunday church service was a time of blessing the children.  Although our church is small, there are several young families and it has been a few years since there has been a blessing service.  It was informal and casual and sweet.  The feeling of love in that gathering was like the feeling of snuggling in a soft warm blanket.  I am so very thankful that our children will raise their children in that community of love and support. 


So the planning begins to welcome our new little one.  I found a beautiful quilt on Etsy that I knew our daughter and son in law would love.  Unfortunately, the lady who designed and created the quilt has too many orders and no time to make one for our granddarling, but she graciously gave me permission to find someone who could re-create it for me and even gave me the fabric list.  See her beautiful quilts here:  I am planning  to make the rest of the bedding to coordinate and I just can’t wait to get started.  And while love will go into every stitch that is sewn, the best thing I can do for this new darling is to pray for her/him like crazy and love without restraint.   These are the best gifts we can give. 

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