Love and Wandering Hearts

A lot of times during readings my clients are dealing with love, loss and relationships. Within these readings clients are looking for answers. Today's relationship topic is Cheating and Wandering Hearts.

When a relationship meets cheating it truly feels as though the world has come crashing down and that hope is lost - cheating and wandering hearts are always tough to deal with and paired with the sick to your stomach, mind racing questions it feels as though no good will come again…Am I right?

There is hope - I promise. Even if the relationship is not meant to be new doors will open in time. I always like to tell my clients to think of Hawaii – when a volcano explodes and hot lava comes pouring out overtime you get the beautiful island of Hawaii. In essence, from great despair comes rebirth and new beauty. This is true of relationship too. Sometimes when we reach our darkest hour we get to the point of feeling like there is nothing left to hope for and then all of a sudden, like a bloom bursting out of a bud, there is a shift and all becomes better and there is promise to what the future holds.

If you have encountered cheating recently I encourage you to take time to heal and really process your feelings. Write in a journal, talk with your friends, join a fitness class to get that energy moving. When you are done – look around at your accomplishments! I can guarantee that you will see new life around you and have a better understanding of not only what you want out of your next relationship but also what you want for yourself. With this understanding you will grow and learn about yourself and who you are in relationship. The information that you gain during this time will help you accomplish great achievements in the future and you will believe in love again!

On the other hand, if you are getting back together after your partner has cheated make sure you let him/her know what your expectations are and how they can meet them. It takes time to regain trust so do not despair if you are doubting the intentions of your partner at first – this is normal. Your partner must understand that there will be a period of adjustment and healing. Just because you have forgiven does not mean you have forgotten. Let yourself trust this person and also let yourself process all that has happened.

If you are the one who has strayed and have discovered that either your experience has moved you to move on or reconnect from or with your relationship - first things first - you will have to come clean and admit what it was you were trying to achieve with the cheating. Believe it or not this is the first step to healing the relationship. Often times a good marital counselor or therapist helps guide in these matters and helps to find conclusions within the situations. 

Overall, cheating is extremely difficult and there are consequences that surround it in relationship. However, it is not a death sentence for relationships or future relationships. It is a time for rebirth and rebuilding. It illuminates all that was unsavory and unsatisfactory in our connections and teaches us about what we need to better ourselves moving forward. Sometimes the hardest lessons are the ones that get us to the next level of love. 

The lesson? Believe in love and believe that out of the greatest heartache can come new and inviting union.



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