Love....Bah Humbug!

 I realized that I've spent the last year or so in a state of virtual nonexistence. To be perfectly honest, I can without hesitation say that the individual formerly known as Gina is no longer on this earth.

Since finding out of my husband's infidelity, I've developed a new outlook on men, life, and the institution of marriage. Allow me to share.....

...are all humanized canines with the inability to remain monogamous to a woman for any extended period of time. I will never offer my heart to that inferior species ever again....unless he grosses an income greater than or equal to Oprah's.
LIFE: a bitch. She hates me and is out to get me. I will NOT give that fucking cunt the satisfaction. If she decides to throw her used tampon at me, I will take that shit, light it up, and keep on pressing on. I refuse to have any more regrets or apologies in my lifetime. Granted, I know that I will make a SLEW of mistakes, but my mistakes are what make me the person I am today. And because of that, I will not apologize for being me. If Life has an issue with that, she can takemy used tampon and shove it up her fantastically rotund ass.


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