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I am a wordpress girl, mainly because I have my own domain name and there are a lot of great templates that I can adjust the html code and customize to my liking. I also like their widgets. However, if I didn’t have my own domain name, I wouldn’t have the same flexibility. This is what the current template that I have:

I wouldn’t have been able to get rid of the coloring in the background, or change my lines from black to green, or correct my font color. To do that, you have to upgrade, and to upgrade you have to pay.

So for those of you who have a blogger website and have been feeling you want some more organization, some buttons, etc. Here it is:

All Blog Tools: this talks about the new template designer (which you need to log into your blogger site like this way: ““), how to get rid of the bar across the top, how to add buttons. Its a great resource. All you have to do is type what you’d like in the search box and it will pull up. You can also just scroll through and see the many possibilities of blogger.

Shabby Blogs: for those of you who like scrappy looks, they have a lot of free stuff on here, but also I’ve linked directly to their tutorial section which provides information like a custom signature, horizontal buttons, disappearing nav bar. Its another great resource.

A recommendation I would make for anyone with a blog (even if it is a purely family blog) is the search widget. Its powered by google and in your widgets pop-up. Its great because if someone types in something they are interested in on your blog (maybe a funny story they remember, a recipe they saw, a tutorial they need) the google search widget will match that word to all the posts in your blog and then list the highest percentage match, to something that may relate to what the person is looking for.

If you are also interested in putting a favicon on your site (like mine here). I have two tutorials:
If you own your own domain name go here.
If you have a blogger domain name go here.
Just make sure you make all your other adjustments to your layout & template before you put the code in for this, otherwise it’ll erase it.

Feel free email me or leave me a message if you have a question.

I should mention once again, I love wordpress, and if anyone is considering having their own domain name, wordpress is a great option with lots of great tools.


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