For The Love of Blogs!

I am such a lover of books and blogs.


And for this reason, I introduce  will to you several people I love to follow online,  and I will tell you why I love their blogs, as well. several of them are centering blogs, because i am an introvert, but I love them because they help me to think a little deeper, challenge my perspective, and... because they sorta remind me of my own writing and musings. ( Smile)

1. Deidra Riggs. I am sharing Deidra because she shares her reading list and what she also just seems really real. She likes  to read. And because I have grown up with an affinity for reading,  I love that she shares her own personal favorite books and the authors. I am just getting to know Deidra, so it is Although I would love reviews, we have similar voices, and seem to  think rather  similarly on some topics, So click the link and find out more about her!

2. Karen at  I have LOVE Karen, since day one. I  read her blog like the newspaper. almost daily. I must've first read about her   when I lived in Texas. I don't know if it was because I was living in Texas  and I stumbled upon a really cool blog site about women photographers ( which I will share with you later, and she just stood out because she sorta looked like me;  and was African American, that I began to follow; or it was because I was beginning to fully enjoy photography at that time in my life. Her photography blog both literally and mentally takes me places! Read her about her postings and see her pictures  in Ethiopia.

3. Another special bunch I found interesting was  The Shutter Sisters. They are like, so cool. I  really desire one day to attend one of their major  get-aways with my awesome camera, but int he meantime, I plan to simply enjoy and live  vicariously through the blog posts! Not only do these women write well, they also offer awesome photo prompts and take wonderful trips to other lands where they share their experiences! I want to do the same, one day, so  my similar passions ( of photography and travel) I have in common with them,  is sorta eerie... maybe I believe if I follow them long enough,  I will indeed wind up  walking in their shoes! I can learn so much from them. And are excellent peeps in the photography world...and after all, they led me to to Karen! They also do this wonderful one word project I LOVE -cause it gets me intrigued enough to be very creative with my camera!

4. There are also a few blogs geared specifically towards encouraging broken hearts. And because I am a therapist, I think that's pretty helpful to have people that lend understanding to broken hearts. Here are two blogs that pretty phenomenal because of the delicacy of their messages. More Than Desire  a blog by Ashley Weis offering hope to women struggling with challenges of pornography in marriage and Mary Demuth's blog about  sexual abuse.  Both are passionate about the subject and offer hope and healing in an amazing way.

5. I scramble to inform you of  the last  few blogs I favor, so I will shall them equally: Milagro Girl  and  Art- Slam. I love them both, and Milagro Girl I barely read, but every time I do, it seems to POP OUT at me, larger than life.  I think I like Art-Slam's courage. She's kinda funky, and simply herself and kind of does whatever she wants to do on her blog. Her individuality is pure spunk!  She just has it, and does awesome vlogs! Milagro Girl has a lot of depth. Like here, read this. I like her because she focuses on words that are other than 'strong' ... like warrioress and tribes.. those are SO MY WORDS! And I simply love her writing because it flows, is simple, yet truthful. Amen. 

 ( So there it is , everyone... Love THEM!! These women are my top five, or six... smile)

Jennifer R. Owens



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