Love to Connect Online & Social Media: But What About Privacy?

was working on an article last week about unusual marketing in public
restrooms.  I posed the question to
Facebook friends
asking the most unexpected place they’ve found an ad.  It was an immediate and varied response
including some perspectives and experiences I was able to use in the article.

am new to Facebook
, but I am eager to share by participating in
conversations online, getting opinions, sharing experiences and catching up
with people who are very important to me---but I don’t see on a regular
basis.  This has been a great joy
connecting with people where miles and time have come between us.  I have been surprised at how the joy
and satisfaction of these relationships springs to life online.

biggest surprise has been the new and rich ideas I am enjoying as a result of
my new and what some might call, “friendsters” I’m meeting online.  I am discovering new ideas and
perspectives as I share my experiences and ask questions.  For instance, a new Facebook friend who
has a cleaning business focused on public buildings has a perspective on what
many business owners
do wrong to turn off people who visit their facilities.  I know I have in the past made some
judgments about a business based on a visit to their restroom.  It isn’t just cleanliness, but strong
air freshener or even questionable colors, in a restroom can change the way
visitors view a business.

a time when we are all trying to do more with less to succeed in a down
economy, I realize great ideas can come from anywhere
.  I’m excited to connect and talk with
close friends and

I don’t know well, but are willing to share their thoughts and perspectives
with me.  My employer, has an online community
especially for small business owners, self-employed, and aspiring entrepreneurs
where you can connect, blog, podcast, and find resources online to grow and
promote your business.

all the ways to collaborate and collaborate online, more of us are sharing our
lives with people who are further removed from our daily lives.  I was wondering about the loss of
privacy as we reach out into the world to connect and share.   What do you think?  Do you manage your social media to
protect your privacy?  Or are you
bravely entering the
wide new world of social media
with abandon?  Please let me know what you think and what you are
doing.  I’d also love to hear some
of the memorable conversations or ideas you’ve learned or come across via
social media.


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