For Love of Country

By Anne Wall


“Vote for Love of Country.” This was Mitt Romney’s response to President Obama’s campaign cry, “Vote for Revenge.”

These statements define the distinct differences between two leaders. Today, American voters will have a clear choice between two presidential candidates with very different leadership styles and ideologies.

While one leader inspires hope, confidence and optimism, the other cries out in desperation for “revenge.” This negative choice of words was unfortunate yet consistent with the negative rhetoric heard throughout this campaign.

Why would a leader encourage voters to seek “revenge” at a time when our nation should be pulling together in support of one another? People are suffering. One week after the super storm and still many victims of Hurricane Sandy remain without power, heat, fuel, warm clothes, clean water and food. Worse yet, many don’t have adequate shelter to protect them from the brutal force of the nor’easter gale forecasted for this week.

Campaigning for re-election is important, but what about fulfilling the current obligations of the Office of President? Looking out for the safety and security of American citizens domestically and abroad is the duty of the American president.

Sadly, President Obama, perhaps the most partisan American president of our time, has been unable to unify our nation during this time of hardship and economic crisis. A democrat president hugging a republican governor makes a good photo op, but where is the follow through on promises made in New Jersey?

Looking presidential might not be enough to get President Barak Obama re-elected. We need a president who can keep Americans safe in Libya and protect us here at home. For ordinary citizens, corporate citizens, community groups and nonprofit organizations that want to help out, we need national leadership, organization and operational support to ensure that supplies and donations reach those in need in a timely manner.

There is a difference between making promises and actually fulfilling them. We have a right expect leaders to honor their commitments. But what happens when our elected officials promise more than they are able to deliver? If our president or any other elected official fails to deliver on a promise for any reason, we have a right to vote them out of office.

Promising “Hope & Change” four years ago, candidate Barak Obama transitioned from an uplifting and spirited campaign in 2008 to a negative and pessimistic campaign in 2012. He made many promises to the American people that have not been fulfilled. Rather than lead by example, he offered excuses and blamed his predecessors. Why expect anything different now?

This begs the question, “What kind of moral compass should we expect American presidents to have, if any?” Our moral compass is an ethical framework that guides decision-making. It helps us prioritize that which is important and provides the inner strength and confidence to be resilient and persevere in difficult times. Part of our moral framework should, in my opinion, be honesty, integrity and empathy. It should be a love of country and a desire to support one another in times of need.

For love of country, it’s now time to set aside our political differences and come together as a nation. It’s time to resolve our debt crisis, rebuild our economy, and help storm victims and other Americans who are suffering get back on their feet.

As this hard fought presidential race draws to a close, let’s unite under our new leader and begin the rebuilding process. We do not have settle for hopelessness, despair and disillusionment in America. We don’t have to accept what some people call a “new normal.”

According to Mitt Romney, “Americans don’t settle. We build. We aspire. We grow.” These are the inspirational words of an optimistic leader on election day.

By restoring the promise of America, we can provide hope, opportunity and prosperity. We can turnaround our country.

As we go to the polls today, it’s up to each voter to decide who we can trust most to lead our nation and unify us as a people.

Vote for love of country!


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