Love Dare, Day 23: Love Always Protects!

It's Friday!! Woo~Hoo! It's also February 1st, which begins the busiest month for the Boyer family We have 2 birthdays, Valentine's Day, 12 basketball games & now both my girls have made it to districts in a free throw shooting competition. If they keep qualifying, we'll be busy shooting free throws for the next few Sundays!

February has always been special to us. Not only do we celebrate Valentine's Day, but it's also MKB's birthday month. He was almost a Valentine's baby, born the evening of February 13th. In 2001, he got to celebrate turning 30 by becoming a father for the 2nd time. Our youngest was born on the 15th. So yes, we are very busy celebrating this month, especially the week of Valentine's Day.

 Baby #2, ANBFeb. 15th, 2001
Baby #2, ANB Feb. 15th, 2001

Over the last few weeks I've been doing these Love Dare challenges in hopes to re-ignite a fire into our marriage. I explained that we are happily married, but just kind of in a rut. I was hoping these challenges would liven things up a bit. And they had been working, up until I had to tell MKB about the Love Dare & realized he hadn't even noticed a change in my demeanor. That kinda let the wind out of my sails, to say the least, & to be honest I gave up completely a little bit. I got mad, had hurt feelings, & started to feel bitter.

Thank goodness this weeks challenges were more about me & getting better acquainted with God. Dr. Chapman must have known that by day 20 the fun of the dares were turning into more of a chore! He was smart to take the emphasis off our spouses for a few days & put it on me instead. I needed it. I needed to refuel & get back into the spirit again.

Love Dare # 23

Love Always Protects

I wanted to pick back up today with Today's Dare of removing anything that is hindering your relationship.

All marriages have enemies. They come in all different shapes & sizes:

Harmful influences, such as tv & the internet. In moderation they are great forms of entertainment. But if you are spending more time with Facebook than spending real face time with you husband, it becomes harmful. Guilty!!

Unhealthy relationships. Pick your friends wisely. Some people like to complain about their spouse & share their wisdom about how they make their spouse "pay" for treating them badly. Don't listen to these people. They are miserable & some are even happy being that way! Strange, but true. If you listen to this stuff over time, you may start to feel the same way. You don't really want to feel like that, do you? I know I don't. I want to feel love for MKB, not contempt.

Shame. We talked about this a few posts back. You know stuff about your spouse. Stuff they don't want other people to know. Keep that stuff to yourself. When you find yourself caught in a Man Hater's Pow Wow, don't participate. I know it's hard to not chime in, but vow to be the wife that brags about her husband, not puts him down. He's your honey, be proud of him!

Parasites. These are generally addictions; gambling, drugs or pornography. The more time & money that is spent on these activities will drain your, or your spouse, emotionally & physically. You need to rid your marriage of these parasites because a marriage can rarely make it when one of these addictions is present.

So we are to be protectors. When we detect any of the above enemies in our marriage, we need to destroy it right away. Remove it completely! "The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands." Proverbs 14:1. This is our role, ladies! Take it seriously!

Til next time, kids...


If you would like to try the Love Dare, you can purchase the book by Dr. Gary Chapman on or any retail book store.


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