Love demands nothing more.

Last night I was set free of a big cause of pain in my life.

I made a decision as a teenager to always 'choose love' above everything else and I have done that too. Problem is, I'm always thinking and worrying about always choosing love and it all stresses me out and causes me pain.

Now it hits me, you don't choose love, Love chooses you. You can't add to it or subtract from it. If you love you love. And what comes next, or what came before doesn't matter.

People show love in different ways, sometimes even leaving the one they love.... I wouldn't do that personally, but it happens and then they carry the love inside for the rest of their lives - it is still their Saviour, still their guiding light. Love is love.

This sets me free. I know my love is valid now - no matter what. I'm just so happy to have loved, to love. Its all I've wanted to do and now I feel accomplished, content, satisfied.





Kriss Eternal Spirit


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