The Love of a Grandparent

As a parent I could show my children love everyday starting from the moment they opened their eyes in the morning to the time they drifted off to sleep.  Two of my children had a working mom and two had a stay-at-home mom.  Two had a single mom and two had a happily married mom. So no one can say I don't understand what it is like in both situations but I can tell you that when you love your kids and they know you love them they will turn out ok.  They just need to know that you are looking out for them.

Was I a great parent? No, but a good parent? Yes. Were there times I totally messed up? Quite a few times.  That is why I can't judge the actions of other moms.  I do understand that as a mom of four you can be overwhelmed at times and you just want to close your eyes and rest and hope that all goes well.  I wish it were that simple.

But as a grandma I am not always there to tell my grandchildren that they are loved beyond measure.  Oh, I do when I see them and I am blessed to be able to pick them up from school once a week and take them to church.  And recently my granddaughter sang a solo for the first time in the Children's Musical and her father was there to watch her.  She was more happy to see him than to have the spotlight on her!  She just lit up when he entered the sanctuary.  

My son thanked my husband (his stepfather) and me for investing in his childrens lives and taking them to church and allowing them to become a part of a family of believers that truly love them.  As he said it wouldn't happen unless we made it happen since  he lives in another city and their mom is unable to get them to church.

Through the involvement of my granddaughter in the musical, both of her parents, her mom's boyfriend and her brothers came to watch her and you could see a softening in all of them.  It was as if they missed those times they had spent in church and could see how it was helping  my granddaughter cope with issues outside of her control.

Even though I can love on my grandchildren and tell them how wonderful they are and how loved they are, they still want to hear it and see love in action from their parents. I know my grandchildren know the love of their parents but there have been times that my granddaughter has asked me why daddy hasn't come to see her or why mommy wants to be with her boyfriend more than with her.  My job is to reassure her that she is always LOVED.... but sometimes adults are caught up in their lives and forget to show it.

I think of my granddaughter as a precious vase that is filled with beautiful flowers (her personality) and the water (love) keeps the flowers alive and blooming.  When a crack  (disappointments, things that happen that are out of her control) appears and there is a small leak I, as her grandma, should fill that crack with whatever is needed (guidance, time, fun, most of all extra lovin') so that the crack doesn't become larger and she doesn't break under pressure.  Love....there is nothing like the love of a grandma!

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