Love Horoscope for the Week of July 4

Just in time for Independence day, love goddess Venus glides into the home and family sign of Cancer. Does that mean you can expect a warm and fuzzy family reunion? In your dreams, baby. Seriously—if you want a peaceful holiday, you may have to use your imagination to get to a place of compassion or understanding with your peeps.

And if peace bores you, prepare for nothing short of a rollercoaster ride of excitement. But hey, this day was made for fireworks, right? And that’s what the Universe is serving up. Mind you, anecdotal evidence suggests that a big bang goes down way better between the sheets than at a picnic. So see if you can use this cosmic wallop for frisky fun with the one you adore. Beats picking a fight because you’re moody and morose. Not that you’re alone with your feelings, by the way. After all, Venus is ticked off all week—and when the relationship planet’s in a foul mood, it kind of translates to the same sour atmosphere for all of us.

Having said that, you could always make the best of a tension-fraught time by choosing the higher path whenever you encounter a snarl from someone. Love ‘em back instead of cursing them (silently, or otherwise). Simplistic? Yup. Impossible? Nope. It’s a choice is all; and once you’ve made up your mind to give back love instead of anger … well, miracles happen. And this holiday we could use a few of them, dontcha think?

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