In Love with the Internet

I love the Internet. I mean love, love it. My fingers can softly tap the square black keys on my Mac and away I go, all over the world in seconds! The feel of the keys under my finger tips is delicious. So much so that my husband has watched my hands and claimed to experience jealousy. Is that wierd? Or wrong?

If it is wrong, I do not care. My love affair with my laptop and the Internet is a sweet thing. I am an empty-nestor and I work as a freelance writer from this comfy, empty nest. The Internet is my window to the world. I find information for articles online. New jobs, pictures and how-to guides are all sourced through the Internet.

I rush to my Mac when physical symptoms appear and there on my screen I see advice, remedies and fears are allayed. When the dog is acting oddly, the Internet tells me that she is normal and she has not lost her mind as she speeds around the yard doing what is called "the zoomies". Shopping is no longer a chore because I do my comparison searching online before ever leaving my home. I know what I want, where it is and how much it will cost me, before I even head my car toward the freeway and dread the parking space search.

I love the plethora of recipes so easily found, along with videos sometimes because cooking is not one of my loves and it helps to see it done, besides reading the recipe. My husband is enjoying more new foods as I feel confident enough to try my hand in the kitchen a little more. Pinterest!! Need I say more? Nope.

Social media has kept me sane these last two years since losing my job and becoming a work-at- home person. I still have friends and have even met new people thanks to the glory of Facebook and blogging. I have close friends on the other side of the United States whom I have never met in person and may never see face-to-face! That's crazy! I love it.

These blogging acquaintances are true friends, though we've never shared a hug or even a high five. Our blogs tie us together as the comments flow back and forth. We send our readers to one another's blogs and know more about each others families than our next door neighbors do. Behind the scene we write emails back and forth so we can cry or laugh at our lives together.

Yes, the Internet can lead to information overload. My love for the Internet can turn on me and make my head spin with so many details that I freeze up and cease to be creative. Why put anything else out there when the air is already overcrowded with words, words, and more words? In that moment I know it is time to turn it off for a bit. This love affair needs some space every once in a while. But before long, Mister Mac calls to me again and the flame is lit as we go find a cozy corner.

This love for the Internet and my Mac is a serious one that will continue to grow and blossom for as long as I live I am sure. At least until the first grandchild comes along! 



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