Love Knows No Bounds

Last week we came across the story of Ned Nefer and his wife Teagan.  A married couple who are traveling via foot and wheelchair from Syracuse, NY to Watertown, NY, where the couple met and fell in love.  Ned is committed to pushing Teagan, who is wheelchair-bound, the full 70 miles that lie between Syracuse and Watertown. The couple’s journey has been video-documented by several motorists who have crossed paths with the couple on various roadways, and who have posted their footage on YouTube.  Ned and Teagan even have a Facebook page on which sightings of the couple have been posted by various onlookers.  So is this simply an epic romantic journey that passersby can’t resist?  Well, not quite.  What if we told you that Teagan is actually a 6-ft tall mannequin with an enormous pair of red lips?