"A Love Letter To My Daddy"

A Love Letter to My Daddy!

Posted by TR Johnson on June 15, 2014 at 9:15 AM 


I wonder if you think I am smart and pretty, if so, my heart melts.


I wonder how it feels to know you appreciate me in your life.


I wonder what its like to brush your (what old folk call) good hair.


I wonder if your eyes twinkle when you hold me close to your heart.


I wonder what your aftershave smells like,


or what my mom saw in you when you


romanced her at night.


I wonder what it’s like to call you daddy



to know you are there and that you care.



 I wonder about sweet memories I want to have


but then remember the memories are not so sweet


and definitely not ones to share.


That little girl did not know you were sick.


She only knew with you there was hurt, there was pain and shame.


She did not believe you loved her like the others.


Because voices told her – he doesn't love you, so who would?


The little girl who never said, “I love you Daddy” is now a grown woman.


A woman believing you dealt as best you could with your pain.


To accept you loved her as best you could.


Now, resting in heaven


And loving her still,


The little girl who never said it before...


Is saying it today,


I  love you Daddy


Happy Father’s Day!




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