A Love Letter to My Husband

Dear Husband, 

When you leave, I can still smell you. Spicy lingering scent of you. It reminds me there is a warm place, a place I fit, a safe place I need. A burrow I do not want to take for granted.

I think I am finally at this place in my life where I want to be wanted again. I need to be wanted again. For a long time I needed space. I needed you to let me come to you for love and comfort. The kids were little, my energy non-existent, and the days long and awful. You did this for me, you granted me space.

Now, I feel more myself. More whole. More available, more open. I need to be wanted. I want you to want to watch tv with me, to laugh at my jokes, to ask about my day. I want to be pursued again. I want you to want to get to know me. Pour me a glass and ask me millions of questions.

Tell me I am pretty. Tell me I amazing. Tell me you love me. Tell me you are proud.

It's all these things I need to hear. I need to know. I need to wash the silly doubts away. Doubts about me, about you. Doubts about my life.

It's time for us. Time to have a relationship again. A courtship. Can you imagine two people who love each other, falling in love again?

It's you. It always will be you , it's your eyes I want to catch mine.  It's your opinion I desire to hear. It's you.  And it always will be.

Your Wife


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