A love letter to startups looking for writers

 Dear Startups,


When you email me...and I'm presuming it's a person and not a bot because operating in good faith is less stressful for me...

When you email me, take a look at what you "sound" like.  I get these notes from cheerful-looking people saying they "found my blog" and "think I'm a great fit".  But do not respond to my polite requests for some more info, or at least an identifiably human presence beyond the cuties in the gmail icons.  Which could be anyone. 

Think of it from my perspective, as someone who can regularly string words together in amusing patterns.  I don't know you or your company.  The web is big, and I'm not all over it.  I will never be all over it because I'm too busy writing the stuff that apparently so captivates you.

Picture it like this:  We're at a bar.  You decide you like the looks of me, so you sidle up and offer to pay for another round of gin (the most literary of boozes).  And instead of greeting me with a wry quip, or a classy "Hi, I'm ____, and I noticed you from over there..." - you hand me a form letter and put on your glassiest smile. And you proceed to hand the same letter to all the ladies around me.  I would get the feeling you are not so much talking to me as you are chumming the waters.  And I don't do chum.

So please, remember that not everyone is so comfortable handing over their talent, or so adept at tracking every new startup on the web.  If I email back and ask for some more info, don't hesitate to provide it.  I'm interested, but I'm not naive.  And bots can send chripy, chatty emails just as well as humans. Compose a quick note, not a form letter!  Let me know if there's a breathing human on the other end before I start churning out content.

All the best, love,






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