Love Letters...

Some love letters for people who entered my life today:

To the Asian who commented on my nails... Ironic. Wow. But, thank you very much. You just made my day that much brighter. And, yes, I think I will become a pro nail tech.

To the woman wearing a face mask in Walgreens... Seriously? What the fuck do you think we all have, malaria?

To the guy wearing a headband driving a jeep... Woops, you're a woman... sorry.

To the woman who took my weight at the doctor's office... All I'm saying it... keep that shit a secret. I'm quite fit for my fatness, if I must say so myself.

To the pharamacist... You explained this medication could make me sensitive in the sunlight so I should wear sunscreen to avoid problems. Um, we live in Seattle. I'd like to see this "sunlight" you're talking about.

To SD... I think I like your wife better than you. Let's have a competition to see who will become my next bestie.

And I'm spent.


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