Love, Life, and Men....who cheat.

We all know men and women are driven by hormones, but what is it that makes a man feel so attracted to the notion of cheating, especially when they are already in a great relationship with a incredible woman?

All men know that cheating is wrong. But no matter how clear they are on it, they are also under the influence of many forces that push them to think about, and sometimes actually do it anyway.


But that isn't to say all men cheat. All men and women have the potential of cheating. 


Cheating is weird. It can be an incredible jolt of power to know that another person sexually desires you. The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the chase, you know how that feels, and thats why some men make the decision to cheat.

As cheating seems like an easy way to avoid addressing personal problems like low self-esteem, fear of being alone, or fear of commitment.

Cheating can be easier than dealing with relationship problems.

It is a solid indicator that there’s something wrong in your relationship. Is the sexual fire dead or dying? Are you feeling pulled apart by the daily struggles of life?

Have the two of you been hit by major changes like a job loss, major move, death in the family, etc. that are causing a breach between you? 




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