Love is a many splendid thing...

As I walked into my friend’s house, I spotted her cat across the room. “Wow, he got big,” I commented as I sat down on the floor and extended my hand.


“I know!  But he’s not going to come over,” she explained.  “He is so unfriendly.”


To her shock, he did come over.  Not only did he let me pet him, he rolled over and let me scratch his belly.


When Marc arrived with her husband, an hour or so later, the same exact same scene played out.  The “unfriendly” cat latched on to Marc.


It is very funny, ever since we had to put our beloved cat, Alex, to sleep every feline we come in contact with, even those who in the past wanted nothing to do with us, and eagerly approaches us.  They all give and receive our love.  It is almost like they sense our feeling of loss and sadness, and want to give us their love to help make us feel better….


Can you pet sense your feelings?


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