3 Ways Vendors Can Make Shopping for Wedding Dresses Less Ridiculous


Editor's Note: This post is part two of a series, "Love & Marriage, LLP", on the wedding planning process of two lesbian women. - Feminista Jones

G and I are SO THRILLED about planning our wedding. My Pinterest board is fired way up and we are having the best time thinking about all of the beautiful and way-too-expensive ways we want to decorate the room and each other. The attire for the day, however, is proving a bit stressful. Originally, G thought she might want to wear a suit, but then decided doing that didn't quite feel special enough.  A suit was too much like going to work, or to court, for her.  I knew I wanted to wear a gown from the beginning, and now my beloved is deep into the gown process, too.  


Image: Wonderlane via Flickr

You know what? Shopping for wedding dresses is  shrouded in mystery because it is absolutely ridiculous.  It is honestly the least user-friendly design for shopping on Earth. It makes me feel like I am on another planet where I have to beg people for the privilege of giving them my money in exchange for a decent product.

Don't worry, though. I'm not just going to rage about how I feel like I cannot get a piece of fabric to cover my beautiful, 6'1" 230lb body on my wedding day.  I'm going to help you out, wedding dress overlords. Here are some simple things you could do to make more brides-to-be feel better when they're shopping for your dresses.


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