3 Ways Vendors Can Make Shopping for Wedding Dresses Less Ridiculous

laced dress
Image: Daniel Onyes via Flickr

In general, bridal salons carry "sample sizes", which are often a bridal size 8 or 10.  You know now that this means the samples available to try on are at about size 4-8 street sizes.  I literally cannot put most of these garments on my body.  How can I tell if the ruching is as flattering as they say if I'm trying to fit the dress around just one thigh to see the shape? What would be wrong with providing at least 25% of the dresses in the store in a larger sample size?

Bridal salons can actually sell these samples more easily at their famed sample sales, since there will be more of a variety, and brides that wear above a size 8 might have a shot in hell of figuring out how a given manufacturer's garment fits.  Sample sales are primarily marketing tools anyway: think how many more people will be receptive to your marketing if some of it seems aimed at them. For example, I don't bother setting foot in a sample sale. I already know I don't wear a size 4.


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