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Long before I decided that I never want another engagement ring, I was a girl who never wore a ring on her left ring finger. Because that finger was special and only for one kind of ring. Yes, it's true.

But while I'm no longer dreaming about the rock, I'm still a major romantic, and I still very much believe in marriage and lifelong partnership. So a good proposal story definitely gets me as much as the next peep, with or without a ring or rings involved. And Wow, have I got some great posts for you.

There was a doozy on Pioneer Woman this month: What Just Happened? And Who the Heck are Drew and Randall?

Weeks ago, a young man named Drew emailed me with his plans to propose to his sweet girlfriend Randall. He was articulate and kind, and had cooked up a devious scheme that would involve my somehow facilitating the proposal on my site.

How could I say no? I wrote back and said “I’ll do it”…then we exchanged a few details and waited for last Friday to arrive.

Here's the original proposal post, which morphs from a post about photography into a marriage proposal. What's really sad is that I skimmed the top of that post and never got to the proposal! Oops.

Offbeat Bride also recently had an awesome pair of posts about proposing: Proposing Part 1: Why you should propose to your boyfriend and Proposing Part 2: How to propose to your boyfriend.

One of the things I learned from my reader survey was how many of you identified yourselves as "ladies in waiting," i.e. women biding their time until their boyfriends propose. Well, girls: STOP WAITING! If you're into questioning traditions, start by questioning the very first assumption about weddings: that a woman's role is waiting for a man to pick her.

I know: it's scary right? You're thinking, "What if he says no?" Well, no one said taking your life by the reigns would be easy, and the anxieties and fears of rejection that come up around proposing give you great insight into some of the cultural pressures men traditionally experience.

I love these posts because seriously, there is nothing lamer than feeling like you're waiting for him to propose. Why are you doing that? If you're ready but he's dragging his feet, throw the question on the table! Get your answer and move on one way or another.

And to cap this, I've got a wonderful list of links to proposal stories to share with you. Some of these have been linked before on BlogHer, but they're all too good not to share here.

How I Asked Him To Marry Me by Sandra Stephens - A wonderful tale of a movie theater proposal and an oblivious man who doesn't know his candy.

For Better or Worse, In Sickness and in Health and No Matter What Uncle Sam Does by Andi - A roundup of military proposal stories.

On Choosing and Being Chosen by Miss Britt - When you don't get the fantasy, but you do get the true love.

Mom, I really need to talk to you... call me back by Denise - "Either she's pregnant or she's getting married..."

Seth’s first marriage proposal by MotherOfBun - Ah, preschool. Adorable.

How Al proposed to me in Ta Prom, Cambodia by Lisa Lam - A truly gorgeous proposal post complete with pics.

Hope: 1 Experience: 0 by Kristy - Because she rocks.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a little something in my eye I need to go take care of...

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