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So Michael Jackson is gone and millions of people are truly saddened. The emotional pain is undeniable and the anguish is obvious. I cried, I’ve really cried. He was, and will remain, one of the greatest.

Michael Jackson’s death has made one thing starkly clear for me, it’s important to love now – not later, not when the person is gone, but NOW.

It is moving, and yet troubling, to see the outpour of grief from close friends and family. Lisa Marie Presley admitted she gave up on him and regrets it. I’m sure many more close to him regret a lot. MJ was quoted many times as saying ‘I am lonely.’ I’m not going to talk about who was there for MJ and who should have been. I don’t know, I’ll never know and it doesn’t matter.

I just want to talk about us, who are here, who keep waiting for some elusive moment to love someone and tell them we care. For some reason, no matter the death that hits us every now and then, we still have this way of assuming our loved ones will always be there. No matter what we see and what we experience, we still take friends and family for granted. Loving people on a constant and unconditional basis is hard and challenging, so sometimes we slip and forget to be thankful and to work hard at it.

I should know, I’m a bonafide ‘beefer.’ Oh my goodness, who haven’t I quarreled with? Who haven’t I written off for good? And yet (touch wood), if any of those people died today, I would be there at their funerals, crying like my world had ended. MJ has been described as having a big, loving and forgiving heart. That would potentially make him the opposite of me.

People will die, no doubt. But we can’t wait for them to go before we show them how much we cared. This is a cliché, I know, but that’s the thing about clichés, they’re so true.

We go through our lives constantly seeking validation and acceptance – it’s never ending. Do we ever take a moment to cherish the NOW, indulge right now?

I used to ask myself, if I ever met a superstar like Michael, Alicia Keys, Oprah, Denzel, etc, what would I say? And the one thing I’ve always wanted to say is ‘no matter what, no matter the ratings or numbers, NO MATTER WHAT, YOU ARE BLOODY TALENTED. Even if you have no more hits, you are damn talented.’ Full stop.

Michael, I believe, had a great need and a great deficiency. The need was to be loved now; the deficiency was a lack of true sense of self worth. I have decided I won’t lack in both. No matter what happens to me now or later, I will always believe in myself. I once told my coach at work, I don’t mind feedback at all, I only aspire to grow, and nothing can shake my basic self of worth.

It’s sad to see someone so incredibly talented yearn for acceptance and love and only receive it when they die. It’s important that we love and cherish ourselves first, then each other, no matter what troubles we face. For me, all else may fail, but I will have my God, my family and myself. I don’t doubt for a minute that I am loved. And those who love me now, I won’t wait till they’re gone. I will love them now back.

There will never be another YOU or the person next to you. Love now, people, just love now. Life isn’t waiting.

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