Love me some Grandpa!

Last night Grandpa got home from a 14 day run up to Canada. He's a truck driver. Pooder seems to love her Grandpa. She can be one unhappy little girl and Grandpa can pick her up and put her in "Grandpa's Swing" and she calms right down. Thanks to Grandpa being  the baby whisperer for today I managed to help the hubster make a batch of beer, get a few loads of dishes done. It was awesome. I even had a bit to go hibernate in our room in some peace and quiet sans babe.  I have made a list of reasons Grandpa is awesome:


  • He can calm her when she is fussy.
  • He can get some huge smiles out of her when she's being grumpy.
  • She will actually take a bottle from him on occasion.
  • He isn't afraid of a little spit up.
  • He leaves her be during tummy time unlike the rest of the house.
  • He demands to take her when he sees I'm running out ideas to calm her.
  • He in combination with grandma love it when the hubster and I leave her with them when we go grocery shopping or just out on errends for a bit.
  • He will actually check her diaper before handing her over claiming poop when she has just farted.
  • He laughs just as hard at her fart as I do.
  • He doesn't question what I am doing  with my daughter.
  • He doesn't let anyone smoke around her.
  • He will stand outside in freezing weather and smoke outside instead of smoking inside.
  • He is a good cook and occasionally takes the pressure off of mom and I.
  • He has a giant white beard that he never gets mad at Pooder for grabbing.

There are many more reasons for lovin' me some Grandpa but now that Pooder is asleep  it's time for mommy to get a shower and hopefully have some hot water to do it in.


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