Love OR ...

When my boyfriend told me that every birthday after 21 is not so important or fun... I didnt believe him. But... as I am sitting here 19 minutes into my 22nd birthday, I am writing to say that yes, this birthday sucks so far. Maybe because I havent really planned anything or because my day falls the day before Christmas Eve, but he. was. right.

The reason I am writing this is because I graduate college in a semester and I have no clue what to do. Boyfriend Matt and I are thinking about living together; he is still in grad school so I would be moving to where he i (which is a nice place), but I am not sure if Colorado is really a place for my career in Marketing. Yes, the mountains are glorious and the weather pristie, but where can I find my dream job? My sister who is a committed New Yorker suggests that I move right away to the big city and find a job easily with my "amazing" (she says) resume.

New York is not a place for Matt. The people, the area, not being able to drive your car, did I mention the people? So I am not expecting him to pack his things and follow me, but my sister says "Do NOT follow a guy.. that is the worst thing you can do."

The thing is.. I cant imagine my life without him and I always imagined a great career in Marketing. The question is... how do you know if you're going to regret not taking the risk for your career.. your dream career... something you're actually good at and can succeed in? But then how do you know if hes the one? Or if hes not the one? We've been together for 3 years now and we dont really have a lot of things in common (except each other).

I am not good with long distance relationships.. at all. So I really have to decide my life. 22 sounds young, but it's nerve-wrecking because you are almost done with 1/4 of your life (if youre lucky to live to 100!) and I am obsessed with a man who hasnt yet wished my a Happy Birthday 30 minutes into it.



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