For the Love of Oreos


Do you have a favorite cookie? In this house, it’s the Oreo. My son loves them. My daughter loves them. And, boy does my husband love them!

Why do we love Oreos? Is it their dunkability into a big glass of milk? Is it their perfect blend of chocolate and cream? Or is it something else?… Why, yes, actually. It is something else:

OREOS ARE VEGAN! Did you know this? There is NO MILK and NO EGG in Oreos! For my daughter, who is allergic to milk, egg, and peanut (you can read about her allergy diagnosis here), this is GREAT news!

Parties, playdates, and dinner at a friend’s house have never been the same. We can always bring Oreos. Then every kid can have a yummy dessert – and we are all happy!

So… if you know of a kid with milk and egg allergies, bring out the Oreos!


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