Love on the Road

Travel can take its toll on any relationship. I happen to do a fair amount of it for work and have found that by doing a few simple things, it actually has brought me closer to my husband. If you find yourself suitcasing it solo, here are some tips to help you remain connected.  

My tips:  

•Talk, talk talk: Speak voice to voice when you wake up and before you go to bed.

•Text when you can: My husband and I end our texts with “Mwah!” It might not be your thing, but find out what is and use it.  

•Leave a note: I don’t do this every time, but I will leave a note for him expressing my love and appreciation for him taking care of our family solo for a few days. I will sometimes make some spicy promises and ask him to remind me of them upon my return.  

His tips (I asked my husband to tell me what keeps him connected when I travel):  

•Pray together: Part of our morning and evening routine includes a prayer.  

•Call when I can’t sleep: We know it’s okay to call each other whenever and for whatever reason.  

•Go on a date: Celebrate the return with a night out (or in)  

By staying connected when one of you is out, you show your committment to each other and keep your relationship top of mind. What are some things you do to stay close when one of you isn’t?


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