Love Those Starry Nights

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Do you ever lay on your back in cool grass and look up at the sky? I haven’t done that for a LONG time, mostly because Texas grass is infested with fire ants. O.O

But when I was a kid, we often slept out under a canopy of stars (this was a long time ago!). Yeah, we used to try to pick out constellations and such, but mostly I remember the sense of wonder, the feeling of so many possibilities about what was “out there.”

When I was really little, we still kind of believed that their might be something on the dark side of the moon. I can remember feeling a bit let down when the first astronauts orbited the moon and there was just more moon. LOL

And Mars. Yeah, Mars should have had something there besides rocks and micro-something or other. Ah, reality. It does bite sometimes.

For me, reading and writing speculative fiction is totally about getting back to that sense of wonder and a belief in the infinite possibilities of “out there.” What must it have been like to be Jules Verne and not know so much? He was able to dream big because there was so much he didn’t know. Do we still dream big?

So much of science fiction is about leaving Earth because we messed it up. I will admit to being more optimistic in my life and my fiction. Man has never been content to sit on their status quo. They’ve explored because stuff was “out there” when out there was across an ocean or a wilderness. No matter what we do to this world, I think we’ll keep pushing, keep trying because it is in our nature. It is in our stars. Do you still look up and wonder? 

cover for Core Punch A girl. A guy. A bad something. And a great big storm.

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