Love Turns

Love is looking over at a beautiful seen with that person you consider your best friend, confident and partner in life. Together you enjoy the beautiful scenery that life has given. One day the person next to you stops holding your hand. Another day they step away from your side. You hope they come back but by the time you decide to turn back for them you are pushed off the cliff you both were standing on together. Luckily you you grab onto the ledge holding on to love for dear life. You reach out your hand to your love with him looking at you for help. He turns away walking towards a figure you can't make out. He does not listen to your cry and what you are saying. He is selfish with continuing what he believes is right leaving you to fend for yourself in recovering. You are hanging by your fingertips but all of a sudden you get the strength to pull your way up. Half your body is on the cliff. The figure becomes a little clearer. You pull yourself up more to the point where you are safe. You stand and look forward. Your love is hugging a figure of a woman. Only then would you have realized who pushed you over that cliff. 

Artori Lester

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