Love Where You Live

I think I’ve mentioned that we have a retail store in downtown Glens Falls called Nine Authentic Goods. If you go and do things like read the shipping information, you might catch little wisps of my writing. If you tour the products you’ll see me, Sean and my friends, you’ll experience a thing/place/idea that came to be because we really do love where we live.


We believe in the history that still rings in the architecture in Glens Falls, we believe in the future that shines from the kids scampering up the library stairs, we believe in giving back, putting in and doing everything we can to create even more to love. I share these old links as a way of personifying what we are doing. Losing a grandparent, gaining a friend, taking a stand, it’s all part and parcel of building a life and loving a place.


I hope you love where you live and anytime you want, I invite you to experience where I live and all the things that are becoming a backdrop for the stories I tell.