Love you like...

I almost wish I would have known you in the before, but my mind knows how different this would be.

Before I was able to just have friends

Before my world had clear boundaries.

I almost wish the me that I am could have met the you who you are

 with the same lines drawn in the sand, but before all the crap could land

On us, and bury us and trap us into the anger we hold.

The mirror of me and yet so much more

I see the value in you, the sweetness I wish to see restored

I wish I could know what you know

and I wish you could see what I see.

I wish someone would hold you long enough for you to dry whole

I wish I could accept the past and be me

The me that I am when you laugh, when I smile.

No bluffing, no games, just friends, no lies

No need to

No pretending, no façade

I love you with the honest part of my heart

Not like a lover or brother,

But the way I wish I loved the girl in the mirror with my eyes.


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