Love your body because one size does not fit all!


love your self


As a fitness professional my personal opinion of a perfect body is the one we were born with, but working at a 100% capacity.
We all are different sizes and shapes,we have different abilities or disabilities… but not matter what is the issue that causes us to feel discomfort or we don’t like about our self’s, our beautiful unique body is capable of working at it’s best, feel as good as possible and look as good as possible.
Anatomically our bodies were design to carry certain amount of weight to work well, physiologically our bodies metabolize certain nutrients better than others and our organs are only capable to do so much work at their optimum capacity, remember all this depends on each individual size, shape,age, sex, disabilities and health problems… don’t forget mental health and an inner self, call it soul, spirit… all this ingredients working in harmony will create a perfect working machine,different fitness levels and capacities, doing as much as each individual can, all perfect…
Perfection is not a millions of dollars industry’s, is just each of us looking in the mirror with love , trying everyday to achieve our perfect self’s, and the best of us:)
We are perfect! just let life hold your hand, take care of your body,look your best, be healthy, take care of your mind and take care of your inner self, be happy and have a balance beautiful life.
Once you find a healthy weight for you,once you find a healthy nutrition program that works for you and once you find a healthy set of mind and inner self you will feel wonderful,healthier and happier:)





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