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These days it’s all about being quirky.  If you’re not making your own craft beer, playing a ukulele, or running your own start up then, you’ve been living under a rock because off the grid would probably also win you some quirk points.

Last week I popped my online dating cherry with, "a new dating site exclusively for 'interesting' people, members have to be 'quirky and interesting' enough to join by passing The Quirky-Interesting Test." (Daigo Smith, Co-Founder)

Don’t be intimidated; the QI test is only 10 questions long and asks things like: How often have you traveled outside the US? Would you ever bungee jump or sky dive? If you were in a band what would you play?

It's a cute concept.  Who wouldn’t feel special knowing they made the cut for a website that caters exclusively to interesting people?  And though I tend to believe quirk is something that can't be measured, particularly with a standardized test, I took the quiz, perhaps for the same reason people take the ones in Cosmo, because why not? It's all in good fun.

The first time I took it I got a 67 out of 100, which technically, is passing.  Were I a less assured woman I might’ve taken offense to this number.  Thankfully, where my quirk points lack my confidence excels.  Nevertheless, I took it again, fudged some answers, and got an 87!  I’m half-Asian, a 67 is just unacceptable.

One good thing about the site is that the layout is super user friendly, trust me; I’m as technologically incompetent as it gets. Like any other social website, you answer your basic demographic questions, one of which being- what’s your ethnicity?  As a biracial girl I highly appreciated the option: I’m a melting pot. Kudos.  I also appreciated that there weren't an overwhelming amount of questions or answers choices.  What's more, the answers that were available had some pizzazz.  (e.g. one of the options for body type is big and beautiful).

As with any other social site, you list your favorite music, movies, books, shows, sports, people and places.  The more information you fill out the more badges you get. There are 24 in all, and you get one just for signing up, the newbie.  Some other badges include: first date (for filling in my ideal first date), Zuckerberg (for connecting it to your Facebook account), looking good (for uploading a picture), and so on.  Being an overachiever, I of course became obsessed with getting as many as possible.  It was like Pokemon all over again.  Now I have 9, one of which is square eyed.  Honestly, I’m not sure what that means and if I should be offended. Wait, I just passed my cursor over the icon.  It’s for adding 5 or more of your favorite TV shows. 

Setting up your profile and finding someone you fancy is easy. If you’re like me,  asking someone out and suggesting a "cool" place to meet is the hard part.  Luckily, for verbally challenged people such as myself, Loveflutter makes setting up first dates super easy thanks to Foursquare.  You pick a point that's equidistant and meet up. Stress need not apply.

Honestly, if I were single and didn't live in Spain, I’d totally Loveflutter some hot quirkster for coffee. Alas, I'll just have to live vicariously through you all. Happy dating.

Are you quirky enough for the QI test?

Tweet me your score.


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