Loves and Recommends: Arm's Reach Co-sleeper

I love our co-sleeper.  I wish Bennett felt a bit more warmly towards it, but he would rather sleep right next to me.  I don't sleep as well with Bennett in bed next to me.  I worry about pillows, blankets, rolling over on him, and I am far from ready to have him in his crib.  I like the co-sleeper because he is right next to me, but not in bed with me.

I haven't had a c-section, but for those who have this would be a great option because you can pull baby into bed to nurse without sitting up or exerting much effort.

I don't panic as much as I thought I would when Bennett's asleep (let's see how I do when he's in his own room) but sometimes I'll wake in the middle of the night and reach a hand over to see if he's breathing.  I like being able to check on him without getting out of bed.  And on really long nights I've put my pillow right up against the edge of the co-sleeper and rocked, or soothed, or held Bennett's pacifier in his mouth until he fell asleep.

The co-sleeper can function as a free standing bassinet or play pen as well, but it is a tiny play pen (even though it says it's okay to use up to 50 lbs) and I doubt we will use it for that.

Most mornings Bennett nurses at 6, sleeps, nurses at 8 and then has awake or sleep time in his co-sleeper while I blog or catch up on email.  If he's awake we chat about life, what we are going to spend our day doing, the shadows on the wall.

Lately Bennett has struggled with sleeping after he's put down.  He will go to sleep fine, but once his back touches the crib, co-sleeper, pack n play (we have way too many places for this boy to sleep considering the size of our house) he is awake and ready to socialize, or fussy because he's tired and needs sleep.  We may have to transition to the crib soon, but for now I am stubbornly holding on to the co-sleeper.

First night home from the hospital

I thought he was sleeping but then ...

he started dancing!


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