Loving Kindness, Got some? by Sally Huss

"Loving kindness spreads like wildfire when given a little spark." 

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Do not underestimate the power of loving kindness.  Poor humanity, it’s not very developed as yet.  We’re not far beyond our animal nature.  That’s the one that is me, me, me – fearful and selfish.  But our next step, I believe, is to just reach a level of “loving kindness” universally.  It doesn’t seem like asking very much, but it’s what we need to do now – to operate with loving kindness in all our activities.   

I remember as a young person being in the presence of some very wise people.  And, it was their opinion that loving kindness was humanity’s next level of evolvement. It takes a long while for everyone to get on the same page, but that’s the page we need to get on.  As we can see from what goes on around the world and even in this country there is much to be done to achieve this fairly elementary level of brotherly love.   

A few years ago there was a clever ad on TV from the Almond Association.  They were trying to bring awareness to the fact that there were a lot of almonds to be had and we should help out.  A man stood up to his waist in almonds and held up a can of almonds, stating, “All we ask is one can a week.” 

That’s what we need to do for each other on this subject – “All we ask is to act with loving kindness.”   

The drive and ambition to get ahead sometimes leaves kindness in its wake.  We might be benefiting ourselves in a greater way by putting kindness first.  To get ahead, might just be to take a step back into kindness.  It does spread like wildfire when given a little spark. 



“Life is wonderful! Don’t forget it.” 

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