Loving Those Stretchmarks -- and Yourself

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[Editor's Note: I only had a few stretchmarks after my first pregnancy. The pregnancies that followed made their own maps upon my belly, and as Hillary at The Sassy One said, upon my soul. Her post talks about her various thoughts about those marks and scars... and might just be what an expectant mom finding her first stretchmarks needs to read. -Jenna]

Pieces of Forever:

StretchmarksI always thought to myself that I'd follow right in my mom's footsteps as far as all things pregnancy go. Primarily, that I would be blessed with the genes that don't allow for stretchmarks.

I was in for a rude awakening. I remember the day I found my first one, at 28 weeks pregnant, with Ruby. I was horrified, thinking to myself that I still had a possibility of twelve or thirteen more weeks to stretch and grow. They continued to multiply by the day, and a handful appeared after I had given birth.

I struggled with my bare-bellied appearance for the remainder of my pregnancy and months beyond birth.

Read on for a beautifully written look at strechmarks.

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