Low-Carb Diet

So, I've started back on my Low-Carb diet.  I started the diet on Saturday and hopefully I can maintain it to loose some of my fat before Thanksgiving gets here...lol!  I've been on the Low-Carb diet several times now and it seems to be the only diet that works for me.  The longest I was on it was almost two years (before kids of course) and looked the best I have in my life!  I'm, of course, not trying to get there but just "fit right" in my clothes.  Being a mom makes it almost impossible to put yourself first in the way we eat and look. 

I've tried calorie counting...doesn't work for me.  I know it works for a lot of people but just can't get on track when it comes to counting the calories! 

I plan on (hopefully) getting time to exercisee when I can.  I enjoy running (actually jogging) when I can because nothing beats getting to clear your mind and listen to some awesome jams while burning a sweat!  Since fall is here, it makes it pretty hard for me to get out and get a jog in....so hopefully I can get some sort of exercise in for the week.

Some of the things I've already had while on my low-carb diet is....

For Lunch... I took some of Oscar Meyers Carving Board Chicken and warmed it in the microwave with Colby/Jack cheese.  YUMMY!

Dinner... I take ground hamburger (cooked) and mix it with ranch and cheese, also warming it in the microwave.  I sounds nasty but its wonderful.

Snack... Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Cheese

Like I said, I'm just starting my diet again.  But I have many other recipes that help me survive the diet.



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