Low Fat Vegan Maple Flax Cookies

Kevin and I decided to take it easy this past weekend. He’s been traveling so much for work that it was the first weekend in over 2 months that we’ve been able to just hang out.

What relaxing activities did we do? We sat on the couch and caught up on our favorite shows!

Many episodes of Glee, Terra Nova, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, The Homeland, and The Walking Dead were enjoyed. Oh, and napping, can’t forget all the naps!

And the cookies…


I made these babies on Friday night, a small “test” batch of 6 to make sure the recipe was a keeper.

The plan was to eat 1 each and then take pictures of them on Saturday, but that didn’t happen. I’d like to note also, that I only got to enjoy 1 cookie.

Kevin blamed the 5 missing cookies on Lexy. The crumbs on his shirt told a different story, but it’s rare that I bake cookies that don’t have dried fruit (which he hates) in them, so I let him have this one.

I made a bigger batch on Saturday before my Cross fit class and left them on the cooling rack for the hour.

I came home and what did I see? I’ll tell you what I didn’t see… my cookies!


There is a cookie monster on the loose in Airdrie, Alberta who is making cookie blog picture taking quite a difficult task.

3 days and 4 batches later, I finally have the recipe for you!

The trick to keeping a batch of cookies in the house for longer than 12 hours: Make them on a Monday morning when the cookie monster hubby is at work. heh I actually got to enjoy some this time!


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