Low Sodium Salt - How About No Salt at all?

I've just been reading this past article about so called designer salt that hopes to reduce the sodium in food by 25% - as a well know commercial says every little helps but can't we do more that this?

The article makes reference to Susan Weiner Nutrition

Susan Weiner explains that sodium, which can show up in large amounts in processed food, is something to keep an eye on to help control blood pressure and promote health. Susan includes a list of 11 tips for ways to control blood pressure, and though some of them include tips like reading food labels in search of hidden sodium sources, she also recommends drinking more water, increasing physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Now, we talk about health care. Well, cut back on the salt, and the sugar and the fat content of these meals and get people to exercise and we could probably cut health care costs considerably. I can't believe the incredible amount of overweight people there are today.

Salt and sugar and large quantities of food are an epidemic in America. The land of the plenty is rapidly turning into the land of the plenty fat and the plenty sick!

What baffles me is why we continue to add so much salt to our food in the clear evidence that salt affects our health - in particular our blood pressure.

When I watch these chefs on the cooking chanel adding salt and pepper and then additionally more hot peppers to "kick it up a notch" I think of the comedians who need to rely on blue humor to be funny.

There is no need for any of this, except for the fact the foods are so highly processed today that without a ton of salt, they would taste like cardboard.

I have a friend who sells steaks and seafood to restaurants, and he calls the present state of affairs "The dumbing down of the American palette." Most people today have no taste whatsoever - but if people used alternatives to salt they would find those taste buds coming alive after only a few weeks.

They couldn't tell a good meal from a bad one, and they go to these different chain restaurants and eagerly lap up the food like it was their last meal and rave on and on about how great the food is.

Of course, these are the same people who have elected our present officials in Washington, DC.
And, then the sugar content is another story. Now, even the candy makers are offering bigger and bigger portions in their packages. When you go to the grocery store now, you can even buy jumbo sized peanut butter cups, because the smaller ones are not big enough for all the heffers out there who need to stuff their fat faces and gorge themselves to oblivion and send their blood pressure and cholesterol levels sky high.

I contribute to healthcare information blog http://www.blood-pressure-monitoring.org/blog/ - last post was http://www.blood-pressure-monitoring.org/blog/unhealthy-eating-with-statin/


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