Lower IQ generally means less happiness

A study of 6,870 people age 16 and older compared verbal IQ (using the National Adult Reading test) and a 3-point happiness scale to look for correlations.

They found that:

1. Those with the highest IQ (120-129) were the happiest

2. Those with the lowest IQ (70-99) were the least happy

3. Factors like health, income, daily activities and "neurotic symptoms" impacted the level of happiness, reducing the link between IQ and happiness by about half.

Of course, it's not all that surprising when you factor in the correlation between lower IQ, lower income (socio-economic disadvantage), poor health, psychologic distress and that lower IQ may require more assistance with daily living tasks.

One of the co-authors suggests that interventions could help those with lower IQs (in general, not necessarily the people in this study) to become happier. These things include

- reducing unemployment

- increasing health through doctor visits

- increasing education

- treating mental health issues early

Here's the study:



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