A Lucky Mom

So yesterday was our family Easter dinner.  I was blessed to have my sons home for a meal.  My younger son arrived early and helped me with moving furniture and some heavy lifting.  My older son arrived later bearing beautiful tulips and a gorgeous card.  


I realized how incredibly lucky I am.  They are both good kids (ok...they're in their 20's) and they both love their mom.  As we sat around after dinner, I realized I was content just having them in the same room.  It doesn't happen often enough that both of them are there at the same time.  I see them both pretty regularly but they are both busy with their own lives and fate rarely brings them to the house at the same time.


So for a few hours yesterday, my empty nest was full again and I absolutely loved it.  That's not to say I don't enjoy and love my empty nest...I do!!  I enjoy the freedom and quiet that an empty nest provides.  But sometimes, I crave that nest being full...a reminder of why the nest is there.


And those are my random thoughts this morning...


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