Holiday Horoscope: Welcome That Lucky Sagittarius Sun!

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Are you ready for a busy, bouncy, upbeat good time? Well, that’s what we get when the Sun prances into Fire sign Sagittarius tomorrow, Wednesday November 21, 2012. (The symbol for the optimistic 9th Astrology sign is the half man/ half horse Centaur – usually with a wine pouch.) Perfect, just in time for a holiday gathering. Share laughs, share food, share Sag philosophical wisdom. Spread cheer!

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Fire sign Sagittarius is ruled by good luck Jupiter, planet of “BIG”- ideas, actions, themes. Aim for “controlled” excess if things lean toward going over the top. Be with people, have a travel adventure, revel in the abundance of the season. Say “YES” and expect excellent results, reach for the good things, discover something new. However, even though there may be an underlying sense of “can’t miss”, the million dollar deal is done, everything is great – be aware of the edges. Over confidence can send you too far. Don’t embarrass yourself or loved ones due to over indulgence (in anything). Have a good time, but, establish and adhere to limits.

Currently, Communication planet Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio. It stops on 11/26 and will forward into Sagittarius by 12/11 and remains until 12/31. Clever, curious and often razor sharp, this can be good for creativity. Sag influences us to love a good laugh but also loving to go deep and ponder the universe. Teach a class, take a class, finally write something that you’ve been thinking about forever. Watch language as you share YOUR truth, no need for the snark or the snippy. Long bouts of verbal testiness is not attractive and can really smother a party :-D

*Sagittarius – November 21, 2012 4:50PM EST / 1:50PM PST

*Gem stone: Citrine, Sodalite * Power color: Lilac, Mauve * Body Part: liver , Hips

Of course, most affected will be those with a Sagittarius Sun, Rising and/or Moon sign. But, regardless of your actual birthday, always try to take advantage and benefit from the best vibrations of whichever sign the Sun is transiting. For the next 30 days, we can all share in some Sag fun.

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember your blessings.







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