10x10 Project, Lunch and Keynote featuring Christy Turlington Burns, Shireen Mitchell, Brianna Wu and Joanna Stern

Saturday's keynote features two news-making segments:

  • Christy Turlington Burns, founder of Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, will PREMIERE a sneak peek of the new three-part, short-format documentary, Giving Birth in America, produced by Every Mother Counts. This new feature continues her work to bring awareness to the maternal health challenges that affect millions of women and girls around the world…and even in the United States, lest we think that America doesn’t have its own issues. After the documentary screening, Christy will be joined on the main stage for a discussion of the issues raised. Equality Now executive director Yasmeen Hassan will moderate the conversation with Christy, Merck for Mothers executive director Dr. Priya Agrawal, and local NYC doula with a special program for low-income moms-to-be, Chanel Porchia-Albert.
  • Then, we delve deeply into the online culture of which we're all a part to talk about creating a safer, saner Internet culture. For women. For everyone. Brianna Wu is a video game developer. She’s an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a podcaster. And for the last year she has also been a target. She is often cited as one of the primary targets in an ongoing online campaign to intimidate, threaten, harass, and ultimately endanger prominent women in the gaming community. While it’s hard for many of us to imagine the extremity of the actions aimed at Brianna, many of us have experienced the unpleasant reality of being a woman who speaks freely on the Internet. So what can be done? And how can we know when a troll is really something more serious and sinister? Brianna is working from multiple angles to address the issues, from working directly with law enforcement to furthering legislation around criminalizing the act of sharing non-consensual pornography or sexual imagery. Shireen Mitchell joins Brianna for this keynote conversation. Founder of Digital Sisters, the first organization specifically focused on women and girls of color in technology and digital media, Shireen has been at the forefront of addressing the role that industries has played in discrimination and abuse of women. As the current chair of the National Council of Women's Organizations, Shireen developed and is currently running the Stop Online Violence Against Women (SOVAW) project -- an initiative in which she is collaborating with legislators to bring women who had equally offensive and scary experiences as Brianna to the forefront. Based on this dedication and career-long commitment, Shireen is well versed to discuss the need to address these types of offensives in order to create a desired safer and saner Internet culture that is inclusive of women and girls of color. This important conversation, moderated by Wall Street Journal personal tech reporter Joanna Stern, can point us all in the direction of potential solutions…and what we can do to help them come about. 
  • PLUS: 10x10 Project: Elizabeth Blackney will share a 10-minute exploration of the #DefiningMoments that led her to where she is today. The 10x10 presentations are designed to inspire you to go bigger, dig deeper, and confidently be your best self.