Lunch, and Keynote Brought to You by Bing -- Growing Your Audience and Influence with Social + Search

The marriage of social and search has changed how content is discovered and distributed; how sites are developed and grow their reach. Just when we think we have a good handle on how search operates, the entire paradigm shifts, leaving us to wonder how much of what we thought we knew is valid, and how much we have to learn anew. Just when we’ve built a respectable following on one social tool, a new one comes along, leaving us wondering how our time is best allocated. Elisa Camahort Page will bring BlogHer’s own research about social media usage to a conversation she moderates with Duane Forrester from Bing and Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes. They turn the Rubik’s cube of social + search  + great content + smart web design and discuss the need for experimentation and strategic implementation to foster growth.