Lunch Keynote: Growing Your Audience and Influence with Social + Search


Keynote 2 Growing our audience influence with social+ search
Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Co-Founder
Duane Forrester of Bing
Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes

First came up with growth track was to grow your reach, influence, audience because you want to grow your business and your income. You cannot deny the power of search. The power of social and search when it comes to achieving growth.

Personal story from Duane He was blogging and he created a career about what he had expertise at. Out of that he's written two books. 1. turning clicks into customers, 2. making money with your blog.

If you have a blog, get tools that are free. Bing will help you see how SEO works. Doing this for 12 years, last gig was running SEO at MSN. Bing Webmaster.

Different points along your journey. Grew up in Canada. Knew there was more to life than his home time and that began his journey. Loves Jeeps, teach how to use off road. Teach how to save people with it. Started SWAT, get doctors to hospitals safely via the Jeep blog. Involved in local community group. Wanted to make sure his club was portrayed in a positive light. Created group of people do goof for the community. National TV coverage in Canada, local legislation for the work they did. SWAT is still there as a high water mark for the community.

Everyone in Canada knew about website and blog. Reached out to Jeep and Chrysler, let them know I'm a blogger, and I want to be seen as a news resource for your PR people. Know problem we love bloggers in the community, here's our press releases space. He just said that I'm a blogger who loves your product.

Because he asked he had access to everything from the Press.


Started advertising the site. Over 70k in 5 years. Decided along the way that he wanted to do more with the knowledge he accrued. How to make money with blog. Decided to write ebook. "Get yourself a book deal and you're an expert." Wrote a real book. Getting a book deal is not difficult. Start with table of contents. Build around idea that someone will make money after they buy your book. Then sell to a publisher. You don't want to be only person doing it. We want to show up in a space that is bustling with money. After he wrote the book, tracked down by Microsoft: We want you to come write this program at Microsoft for us. Had two houses, writing nook and where I want to live.

Moved over to Bing doing what he's passionate about. The reason the tools exist is because the people, expert SEO's and Bing produced them.

Will spend 30 minutes after this presentation and then go do it again tomorrow.

I work inside the search engine, have access to the search engine engineers. I will leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind that you can all follow. Identify an issues and craft a solution.


5.99 Hootsuite pro, then you go to trusted sources. Plug in their RSS feeds, it always goes out on my RSS feed. You'll be watching my handle because he is autotweeting. Helps you build a footprints, that social experience is important for you. That will make you the authority on the search engine.

IFTT: if this then that. Will take feed from twitter, post on twitter, copy onto evernote, always goes to evernote file, then on Friday takes all of that information and creates them in a newsletter. Copy and paste into blog and then create a newsletter. These are the important information in marketing.

I want to sponsor you because you have thousands of newsmail list.

Helps you stay on top of need, centralized all of this.


Bing webmaster tools
Google webmaster tools
Hootsuite: Vancouver, they'll respond directly to you. He was the first to automatically use RSS.
Evernote: on all devices.
Yoast SEO plugin for WP: works on WordPress
Akismet for spam management: change your life
Dreamweaver for HTML
Adobe Photoshop and Gimp


Have to start with keyword research. Met with guys at MSN and he pointed to vehicle. They said it was a sports utility vehicle. Showed keyword research, more people search for SUV than sports utility vehicle.

Got to pay attention about what searchers are doing.

Create personas around the people who visit your site.

Do visibility/usability? testing

Fetch as BingBot

Get familiar with what the code of our page looks like, visualize to know whats normal for you. Then you'll know when something suspicious has happened to your code.


Look up anyone's link information, put in someone's domain. It will show what all links are pointed at.

SEO REPORTS on Bing webmaster

Show automatically


Show whats wrong and say why it's wrong, all built in all free.


For bing or for google, decide here. Go to table decide the light for yourself. We have 2/3 of the people who use this tool prefer Bing.

Liking a product, and liking the retailer that shows up in the results. You're able to find out what your friends like and which retailers she likes. That way he's able to use his friends recommendations that show up in social search. Move up several steps in product experience. Go from friend's recommendations to friend's kudos. Social integration allows for that.


User experience is your religion, if you nail it, the search engine will show up. If people amplify experience and authority.


Elisa: Hey Elise, is SEO a shortcut? How much of it requires additional ongoing effort?

Elise: Don't worry about SEO; if you don;t have great content it won't help that much. You want them to come and stay at your site. 80% of my traffic comes form search. Started early on optimized for search, never came up with creative titles

Elisa: Your titles are not trying to be creative but extremely specific and informational.

Elise: She wanted people to search for my content and find it. You can get a lot more creative. It doesn't happen over night. I wake up thinking what do I want to cook and what would be cool to do. And what inspires me and makes me happy. If I approached my blog with how I am going to extract juice, it isn't inspiring, to really be successful at this it takes time. I've been at this for 10 years. This is a long time to continue to post content every week. I average around 3x/week. In order to continue doing that I have to stay inspired by what I do. If I get too right brain about that, analyze this analyze that, I feel deflated. If my content isn't good, none of the analogues matter.

Elisa: Titles can be simple and clear but the content is unique. This is now your full-time gig. But what was the evolution of the amount of time you devoted. Give us a sense of when you started doing 8 hour days.

Elise: Started blogging in 2003. Because I was sick and couldn't do anything else, early forties moved in with parents, only had energy to track what doing in the kitchen and take notes. Really devoted at least 20 hours each week in the first couple of years, maybe a dollar a day. Loved when she made $10 a day, big celebration. It took 3-4 years before I could see that there was money in this. At least with the kind of blogging I do, recipe blogging, building a database of different information. Get the benefits that come from search. It's evergreen. Because it will always be valuable.

Elisa: Read stories of bloggers in the network. You were high tech executive, being taken care of by your parents, and now you're one of the top bloggers in the world. It's perseverance. Duane, the universe has changed a lot, but these social tools did not exist back then. Now it's all out there and a great traffic driver, but can be integrated into search results. What matters most? Does it come down to a tweet, share?

Duane: Everyone I know is into SEO. My goal is not to go perform a search today. He wanted to try Donair sauce, a canadian thing. Condensed milk, vinegar, sweet and sour type of flavor. It's a middle eastern. The search is designed to help you get what you need.

We don't care if it's a tweet or a like, but that someone amplified you and that you become an authority, you became valuable. My job as a search engine is not to be your best friend, but my job is to have the best results.

Elisa: We do an annual study of women and social media usage, why they use it and how it translates into action. We pay attention to what drives traffic as opposed to things that improve awareness. You can get re-tweeted a milion times, they'll never turn into traffic. But Facebook shares because of the environment, your mom might see it. There's a weight to that, shows tend to create traffic. One is more awareness the other is more about traffic. Different conversations about stuff on Facebook. Do you share stuff one way or another?

Duane: All of his stuff goes to everything, Twitter, Facebook. Don't do what I do, works for what I do because it's consumer. It doesn't work to come back to my blog. Folks understand that there's value to different social medias for different business. You have to go in and test it for you. Something witty? he'll respond to that. Something hurtful? people respond in different ways. Pinterest is good for exposing people to new stuff, they don't sign up for newsletter, they don't visit. Matt Bailey: Internet marketing in an hour a day. Put dollar value on everything on your website. Then when you see the time you have spent, you can determine what the value areas of your site are vs the building areas of your site. Where most of your time goes because it returns something you're looking for. Test, test, test.

Elise: Twitter for me is a water cooler, where I go to see where my peeps are. Mostly I work alone, and occasionally I check in and see whats up. My users use Facebook to ask questions about recipes. After 60 days I close comments. 3-4 questions a day for Facebook. Put up new recipes and then let people know when I have new content. Some people and a lot of people are very comfortable on Facebook; it's where they tend to reside. The best way to get to them is through Facbeook and they'll like my fan page.

Back in January I added a Pin It button and made no difference, had a lot of traffic on pinterest.

Elisa: I don't use it for stuff I do, but stuff I want to do. But I want to cook. Hard to make sure you get credit on Pinterest.

Elise: Sometimes I find my content on other sites and repin it.

Elisa: She found her recipes in an e book illegally.

QUESTION: Recently read how men and women use Pinterest. Women use it aspirationally men use it to brag about stuff they already have.

Elisa: There's a Pinterest clone so that people can Pinterest within your blog.

Wuestion: Bing webmaster tools, just go to yoast for SEO on site. How long before yoast kicks in?

Duane: If you just focus on content that's the main problem. It's now that I've enabled something, that puts me on more level playing field with competition and how do I differentiate from there.

Question: Empower network: it will drive traffic back to your blog.

Duane: I call bullshit. There are no shortcuts, real world things to take to heart, if you're building content on someone else's domain, you not are building content for yourself, if you're getting paid for syndication.

Elisa: BlogHer syndicates stuff and pays. Cross syndicate, traffic driving.

Duane: You get direct traffic, branding, a lot of compelling reasons to be in a situation like that. Separate. Syndicate content with right network, but then turn around and put it on your own site. When you syndicate it, it becomes their content. You have to find that balance.

Elise: Food blog search wanted to be able to search food blogs she liked, in order to build the community. Built it to help her find recipes on sites she wanted to promote. Every post she put up has links to other bloggers. I wanna showcase the little stuff kind of from blogs. FoodBlogAlliance, people shared stuff within the community and it's just a decent thing i do to help the community and help me find good content to shed light on it.