Lunge and Squat Your Way to a Better Body


Exercising abs and legs on the same day is an effective way to create lean, strong muscles and to protect your back by strengthening the zone that re-enforces your spine.

You can target the abdominal zone by utilizing bicycle (rectus abdominus, obliques) in a controlled manner.  Superman strengthens the muscles in your lower back. Boat is a more advanced strengthening exercise.  Good form has straight legs and back.

Walking lunges are instrumental in toning the hamstrings.  You can do lunges with or without weights.  Single-leg lunges (with back leg resting on a bench or chair) is challenging.  It is critical that your knee should track over your toes and not go beyond them, or it can twist your knee.

Chair position is held for 30 seconds in a series of three.  You should keep your arms by your ears and your butt low without leaning forward.

Squats can be done with or without weights, again tracking your knees over your toes.  Keep your head up and sit your bottom back, and down as if sitting in a chair. Squats hit your butt and thighs.

Fire hydrant is a great way to work the gluts.  Keep your weight balanced instead of leaning.  Keep your wrists below your shoulders and your knees below your hips.

Stiff-legged deadlift targets the gluts.  Make sure your back stays flat, and keep a slight bend in your knees, hinging forward from your hips.

Calf raises with or without weights works your soleus muscle.  Perform them with your feet parallel; toes turned in and then toes turned out.

A strong core and low-body allows you to play sports better, with more agility and strength.  It also allows you to have better balance.  Keep your routine fresh by adding new moves, switching the number of reps and whether or not you add weights.



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