The Lure of A Billionaire

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Romance novels featuring dynamic heroes who tend to have billions of dollars are all the rage and extremely popular with readers.

What is it about this type of hero that attracts female readers by the buckets?

Ah, let me count the ways ... .

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A man who has not only made a fortune but also carries it well is extremely sexy. It shows our hero holds a deep sense of responsibility -– for his business and the ones who work under him. He’s ambitious and knows how to get what he wants. Pairing him with a heroine who makes her own way and refuses to be dependent is a fun way for sparks to fly and readers to identify with both characters.

Readers also love the sense of drama and fun a billionaire brings to a story. Private jets, designer clothes, luxurious hotels and restaurants. Nothing is off-limits, and our senses explode with vibrant colors, textures and scents.

And let’s not forget our last asset. Power. Power is an aphrodisiac, especially if used in the proper way. Namely to get the woman he longs for: the heroine. Visualize a hot CEO in a custom-designed suit going after the woman he craves with a sheer-minded focus that leaves a reader breathless.

Yeah. I love my billionaires. Let me introduce you to them in my Marriage to a Billionaire series. In the second of the series, The Marriage Trap, Michael Conte is an Italian count paired with feisty photographer Maggie Ryan. Their journey is filled with pitfalls, humor, and rocketing sexual tension. Here’s a peek:

Maggie Ryan titled the margarita glass to her lips and took a long swallow. Tartness collided with the salt, exploded on her tongue and burned through her blood. Unfortunately, not fast enough. She still had a shred of sanity left to question her actions.

The violet fabric-covered book beckoned and mocked. She picked it up again, leafed through the pages, and threw it back on the contemporary glass table. Ridiculous. Love spells, for God's sake. She refused to stoop to such a low. Of course, when her best friend, Alexa, cast her own spell, she'd been supportive and cheered her actions to find her soul mate.

But this was completely different. 

Read extended excerpts from The Marriage Trap and The Marriage Bargain here


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