Lyz Lenz

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Lyz is a writer and blogger. She's written for TruTv,, The Hairpin,, Guidepost magazine, Redbook, The New York Times Motherlode, Real Weddings, AOL, Yahoo Shine and she's been syndicated on MSNBC and MSN Glo. Her short stories have been published on Storyglossia and the Iowa Writes Project and one was just turned into a movie, which premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival. She also works an editor for

You can usually find her on complaining about pants and professing her love for chicken nuggets...and her daughter and her husband. She's currently working on a memoir about being raised to be an Evangelical housewife who would homeschool her million children, then she rebelled, went to college, watched the Vagina Monologues and dated Democrats. (Clasp your pearls! It's very shocking.)