The M Word

I am a Mother.

I grew up with a less than ideal view of motherhood.

Because of that, I tend to look at the whole journey of parenthood in a different way than most.

I don't try to mold my children into my way of life. I accept that raising children demands a series of never-ending changes. It requires flexibility and patience.

A sense of humor is necessary for survival.


The older I get, the more I realize that my children need me to be honest.

Honest in a way that is gentle and kind. I try to be aware of my shortcomings and failures.

To be a great Mother, I need to be real. I accept that I am not perfect.

My house is not spotless, but full of life and laughter.


I have experienced both highs and lows of parenting.

I have buried a child and yet I am blessed with three healthy, vibrant children.

I struggle every day with the pressures of being good enough.

I need to take care of myself and it is necessary for me to say no sometimes.

You can call me selfish.

For without a healthy self, I am nothing as a Mother.


Call me flawed.

Feel free to call me eccentric.

But don't call me a martyr.

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