Mac & Fitz Speaks

David Byrne once sang, "Well, how did I get here?!", and that sums it up for me... 

Mac & Fitz Speaks shares vignettes of my messed up yet common life, from the ordinary moments such as entertaining children during a weeklong teacher's strike, forgetting that you were in charge of tonight's carpool and the week of barf patrol, to the not so normal dramas, like fleeing your home as it threatens to collapse, getting the call that your husband took a side trip to Kabul and conducting playdates inside a SWAT truck. 

Think Green Acres... 

I was supposed to be a high flyer in the fashion business, cutting my teeth while modeling in Milan, working with couture designers and earning bunions in my Manolos.  Destiny has handed me a truck driving, sharp shooting, jet setting man who makes armored trucks and motorcade limos. 

Instead of draping fine silks on a dress form, I am mending jeans, kissing boo boos and re learning 5th grade math.  Throw in a lot of recipes, crafts and laughs and you have one mell of a hess!

It's all in good fun and I hope to entertain, teach and inspire those who read my blog.  Lisa Quinn said, "Life is too short to fold fitted sheets."  Amen.